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The art of smoking meats was first developed to preserve foods. In the book Charcuterie Author Michael Rueman asks chef Dan Hugelier "why now, given that we can preserve meats in a refrigerator, why was charcuterie- a culinary specialty largely defined by preservation methods- still relevant?" He looked at me as if I were an idiot and said “TASTE."

At Johnson's Boucanière we use the recipes and techniques developed by Johnson’s Grocery (Johnson's Boucanière opened in 1937 and was located in Eunice, la.) to make and smoke all of our specialty meats which include pork sausage, garlic pork sausage, mixed beef and pork sausage, turkey sausage, pork tasso, tukey tasso and beef jerky. Our plate lunches are made from our in-house made smoked meats which are made fresh weekly. You can also buy our smoked meats by the pound.



We are proud to be serving Boudin from a recipe that originates from Johnson’s Grocery (which opened in 1937). The recipe is still the same. However, it took us some time to find the exact size of Dixie cups required to measure ingredients as there was no other incremental measurements documented for the boudin. Check out www.theboudinlink.com for reviews of boudin, including our A+ review!!!



Perhaps the only thing we like more than eating great BBQ is making great BBQ. Here at Johnson’s we slow smoke our Briskets and Pulled Pork for 12-14 hours. We have a BBQ sauce that we have been tweeking for about seven years (even before the restaurant was a thought). We also slow smoke chickens and Country-Style ribs. In the near future start looking out for BBQ spare ribs as well as anything else that we have the envie (hankering) to throw on the pit or smoker.

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Food and music in South Louisiana go hand in hand. We're proud of our food and proud of our musicians that keep our musical herritage alive. Come by the Boucanière and you will find an ever growing collection of local music that you can purchase.


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